Sunday, January 18, 2009

A day in the life of a deviant wench?

So today is Sunday. We don't go to church on Sunday. Instead of a Sunday evening service, our church has a Wednesday evening service, which is the same as a Sunday morning one, just not on Sunday or in the morning. That's the service we go to. It's generally quieter and smaller, which is how we like it.

So I woke up around 9:30, did some dishes that were left over from the night before, and got myself a drink and checked my email until Yume got up shortly afterwards. She made herself some soup for breakfast, I wasn't feeling hungry beyond wanting some toast. She had a short shift today at the store, so I took her in for that. On the way, she called in and checked the bank balance; we have a bit less than we thought we did, and still have laundry to do and needing a bit more staples in the food department. We decided to take care of that after her shift.

I came home and lay down to read because I slept on my leg funny and my knee spent most of the morning trying to bend the wrong way. When I left to pick her up, it was doing a lot better, apparently remembering that no, knees do not bend to the side like that. We went to the grocery and picked up some spaghetti, cheese, and a few other essentials, and the rest is going toward an essential load of laundry. We'll get more money in on Wednesday.

And it turns out we have less milk than I thought, which required a little rearranging of mealplans for the week, pushing recipes that require it till Wednesday or later. And right now, Yume is laying on the sofa with a heating pad and the television because her sciatic nerve is acting up too much to allow for anything else. And by 'anything else', no, it wouldn't be wild monkey sex with a vast array of vibrating toys on swings suspended from the ceiling and lots of tight leather clothing. We don't wear leather, have no swings, suspended or otherwise, and I've known straight couples with more of a toy assortment than what we've got. We're women, of course we have something that vibrates, but even straight women have that much.

By 'anything else', I meant sitting up at her computer, reading forums and blogs she follows, and hanging out in a private virtual chatroom with our various friends spread out across the nation -- let alone helping me put away some things in the living room and unpacking a few boxes of decorations that we finally have room to put up. That'll have to wait until her back feels better.

And if we do anything couple-like after going to bed, it'll be far more likely to be what we do 99% of the time- grab a couple of vibrators, take care of business on ourselves, and then cuddle up together and conk out.

While the money thing and the sciatica aren't part of the norm, that's still a reasonably standard snapshot of daily life around here. Yes, this is an accurate portrayal of the daily living done by two of those nasty, evil lesbians. We're just so different from the rest of you normal straights, aren't we?

What makes us so evil to the rest of society is what kind of parts are between our legs, and what's between the legs of the person who has the heart our heart calls 'home'.

You've read my words. Please, go on to read biblical scripture, and the words from men and women of God. The Rainbow and the Cross : Love The Sinner?

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